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Interesting reads by other authors, and some by myself. Also see the Colemak Discord #handy-links channel.

The Typing Training page on this site holds further links related to training. Also expert typing tips from masters like Viper, Jashe and Sean Wrona.

The Verge has a nice article on how to touch type. It showcases several good sites and games, and contains sound advice as far as I can see.

The page holds some handy Colemak-related links, and a Colemak FAQ.

The Colemak Design FAQ and the in-depth Colemak Design writeup by Shai Coleman himself. This is the authoritative description of the layout's design, in case you missed it.

"A guide to alt keyboard layouts" by Pascal Getreuer is a good read if you're wondering what other good layouts are out there. In particular, he covers and explains some of the newest layouts that use modern metrics like redirects (back-and-forth), lateral stretches and disjointed bigrams. And he has a nice diagram showcasing the evolution of such layouts from 1873 to the present day; granted, only showing one analyzer's take on it, but a good one.

"On the Prehistory of QWERTY", a scientific paper that gives a credible history of how QWERTY became what it is back in the late 1800s. If you want an easier read, the Hackaday article "The Origin Of QWERTY" sums it up neatly with pretty pictures and whatnot. There are many myths and this paper deals with them. Quote: "The keyboard [...] changed into QWERTY, first to receive telegraphs, then to thrash out a compromise between inventors and producers..."

1870 Sholes keyboard layout

A QWERTY layout predecessor from 1870. Keys that are the same in today's QWERTY are marked in gray.
Note how vowels and consonants were simply sorted in alphabetical order, left-right then right-left.

How did the QWERTY keyboard become so popular? is a more popularized BBC News article on QWERTY history with some Dvorak added.

Why we can't give up this odd way of typing, a BBC Worklife article; all in all, a good read. And it's got appearances both by Shai Coleman and the CarpalX guy!

No Big Deal and Will Colemak Destroy My QWERTY Skills? by our Colemak Discord champion, NottNott the "KnotNottNott-But-Not-NottNottBot" ^_^

Banish Key Chords by Xah Lee. The relationship between chording (such as holding Ctrl+Shift then hitting a key) and sequences (such as hitting one or more dead keys and/or a sticky shift then another key) is worth giving a thought.

The Dreamer's Compass is actually not about typing, at least not directly! It's a writeup about Mindfulness meditation the DreymaR way. _/|\_

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